Christian Comforting Ministries is involved in reaching out to those in distress and in need of urgent help for their survival. These people need your fervent prayer support. Your prayer will help in the following ways:

A. Bring healing for those sick persons who are critically ill.

B. God’s comfort to those who grieve over the loss of their loved ones. Some families who have lost their breadwinners are in deep despair, not knowing what to do & how to survive. They need to receive comfort, encouragement, hope & rest from God.

C. Strength to face day to day challenges for those physically challenged persons & their guardians as they face another day.

D. Comfort & encouragement for the needy elders facing chronic illnesses and financial difficulties in meeting basic sustenance needs.

E. Comfort & encouragement in facing the consequences of calamity, in meeting their basic needs & protection.

Our monthly prayer circular provides the information about Comfortees (those who have just received assistance from Christian Comforting Ministries as well as those waiting for the assistance). The monthly prayer circular also provides information on programs undertaken during the previous month as well as details of programs planned for the current month for your prayers. You can get in touch with us to receive a copy of the monthly prayer circular.

Christian Comforting Ministries conducts a prayer meeting at 06 : 30 PM on the First Wednesday of every month at the Parish hall of CSI Good Shepherd Church, Velachery (Chennai). In addition, a mid-month prayer is conducted at the residence of Dr. S. Amal Raj (Chennai). Monthly prayer meetings are also conducted at Trichy City, BHEL Township (Trichy), Thanjavur, Cuddalore ,Tirunelveli, Vellore, Nagercoil & Neyveli. We would encourage you to participate in these gatherings to get first hand details of the ministry and to pray for those in need of comfort.


We would love to have committed Christian volunteers, to join us in this mission. The following are some ways in which you can help:

1. If you are based in Chennai, you can join us in the day to day activities & provide assistance towards administrative work, as well as distribution of comforting materials.

2. You can plan & visit those who are in need of comfort and encourage them.

3. You can communicate to churches, friends & relatives and encourage them to involve in this comforting ministry

4. You can help in identifying genuine people in need of comfort in your neighbourhood and introduce them to Christian Comforting Ministries

5. Participate in the bi-monthly Administrative Committee Meetings held at Chennai & get to know more about the operation of the Ministry


Christian Comforting Ministries provides comforting assistance to those in financial need through the liberal contributions from various friends around the world. You can play a part as well, by contributing either regularly on a monthly or annual basis or on one-time basis. Contributions to Christian Comforting Ministries can be made directly by cash in person or can be sent by money order, cheque, demand draft or direct electronic bank transfer.


Bank: STATE BANK OF INDIA – Velachery Branch

SB A/c No: 30096716439 IFS Code: SBIN0007993