At Christian Comforting Ministries, we are careful with how we use the gifts our donors entrust to us. We recognize that the resources received are entrusted by God, through our donors for the purpose of comforting people and are sacred. We strive to maintain the highest level of financial accountability to our donors and the communities we serve.

Donations are received as cash, cheques, money orders, demand drafts and electronic bank transfers. An official receipt is issued immediately against each of such donations and posted to the donor, along with the monthly prayer circular. All such donations received are promptly deposited into the account maintained for Christian Comforting Ministries at a premier national bank in Chennai, India within 3 days of receipt.

A monthly statement of all such receipts is reviewed during the bi-monthly Administrative Committee meeting. A consolidated statement, covering annual record of all such receipts for the year, is prepared, reviewed, & audited by an independent auditing agency authorized by the Government of India. Such audited reports are presented to the Board of Trustees, which meets semi-annually, for its approval.

Additional oversight is provided for international donations. Separate reports are generated, clearly indicating the address, country of origin & currency of the donor source. These reports are audited & submitted in the forms prescribed under by Government of India under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act. Such reports are also presented to the other statutory authorities for their verification.

Christian Comforting Ministries has designed specific application forms for each category of need, such as sickness, bereavement, calamity, handicapped, education, senior citizens, seniors, families in distress etc. Each application form contains two sections. The first section is filled by the individual in need of comfort and submitted along with photo & other relevant enclosures called for, to the recommending advisor. The second section is filled in by the recommending advisor based on their assessment of the individual and the need.

Prior personal knowledge of the need and the individual in need of comfort is a prerequisite for the recommending advisor, who is usually a Board Trustee or appointed Advisor for Christian Comforting Ministries. Currently there are 11 Board Trustees & 10 Advisors, spread all over Tamil Nadu. Applications duly filled up, complete with all enclosures are received, registered, and sent to the respective reviewing Advisor. For example, the medical Advisor would review all applications pertaining to sickness. Based on the assessment of the appointed advisory, the assistance required is determined for each specific application, within the allowed guidelines set by the administrative committee. This process ensures that there is sufficient due diligence to verify genuineness of the need before providing assistance through Christian Comforting Ministries.

Based on recommendations of the concerned advisor, assistance is provided to the individual in need of comfort through cheque or electronic bank transfer, as a standard norm. A formal letter of comfort, along with an acknowledgement form, is sent directly to each Comfortee by the Managing Trustee, with a copy marked to the recommending advisor. Except in the case of compelling reasons like, assistance needed on monthly installment payments basis, or inaccessible location / illiteracy of the Comfortee, cash payments are discouraged.

All assistances provided are reviewed on a bi-monthly basis by the Christian Comforting Ministries Administrative Committee. Exceptions if any are discussed & suitable corrective actions or revisions to the guidelines are made from time to time by the Administrative Committee.

Annual Reports