The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledgeProverbs 1:7

Christian Comforting Ministries provides education assistance in two scenarios:

Scenario 1

Children of Pastors, evangelists and missionaries who are in dire need of financial support to pursue their undergraduate academic courses are provided financial assistance. This assistance is extended every year, during the course of study, provided the student scores satisfactory grades in all the subjects during the previous year. We encourage students to return the assistance they received in small installments of INR. 500 per month, once they find gainful employment. This enables us to extend such assistance to other students in subsequent years. Thus, these students become a source of comfort to the next generation of students in need.

Keeping in view the costs of different courses, the following guidelines are used while providing educational assistance:

Financial assistance of upto INR 20,000 per year
Financial assistance of upto INR 15,000 per year
Financial assistance of upto INR 12,000 per year
Financial assistance of upto INR 10,000 per year

Scenario 2

Students who wish to pursue their undergraduate courses in Theology, such as B Th., B D. in preparation for full time pastoral / missionary work are provided educational grant upto a maximum of INR 10,000 per year. Such educational grant of upto a maximum of INR 10,000 is also provided to full time Missionaries for medical / technical courses that will enable them to apply such expertise in the regions that they serve.

Apart from financial assistance, Christian Comforting Ministries also strives to provide spiritual support and professional mentoring to such students.